Philadelphia Marriage Preparation

Joy-Filled Marriage, Self-Paced Online Certification Course

We are pleased to invite you and your fiance to participate together in the NEW Joy-Filled Marriage Self-Paced Online Program.  You are among the first couples invited to experience this new program. 

We are thrilled for you and your upcoming marriage! The Joy-Filled Marriage Program is a thorough, enjoyable, and comprehensive program which will discuss practical “life skills” and the sacramentality of marriage. The purpose of Marriage Preparation is to introduce you to the theology behind the sacrament and give you practical advice using sound psychology that will equip you for your life journey together.


The Joy-Filled Marriage Self-Paced Online Program consists of two steps:

Step 1: Self-Paced Online Course:

  • Will take approximately 10-12 hours to complete
  • We recommend that you engage in the course over multiple days and try to complete it within 4 weeks

Step 2: Live Mentoring Session (via Zoom): 

  • You will receive access within the course to a sign up for a mentoring session
  • This session can only occur after you have completed Step 1
  • You can expect an interactive 2-hour session with a mentoring couple and a small group of engaged couples who have also taken the self-paced course

After completion of Steps 1 and 2, you will receive a digital certificate of completion to be shared with your parish.

COST:  The entire program is $210